Texts written by art critics of exhibitions made by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELX 1949) of Geometric Art: Pictorial, Sculpture and DIGITAL that she started in 1991 with the Geometries: COMBINABLES, TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO and THE THREAD OF ARIADNE, formulating continuous mathematics and geometry for her work. Previously, she worked 25 years (1965-1990) in painting, design of architectural compositions of geometry and in the two paintings, oil/canvas (1986-88) that ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES made in the MUSEUM NAcional del PRADO (Madrid) of ARIADNE DORMIDA en NAXOS, marble sculpture. (exhibition paintings at the Galería Albatros, Madrid 1990).

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
02/06/15.- ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (Elche 1949) she has made a Retrospective Exhibition with the title of Geometry, Color and Musicalitydigital diagrams and painting 1991-2015, in the Municipal Exhibition Center of the city, Elche-Elx.
Julia Sáez-Angulo, vicepresident of the Madrid Association of Art Critics, AMCA, and member of the AECA / Spain International, writes in the catalog:
Geometry, Color and Musicality are three concepts of the eurythmy that emerges from the artistic work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
Geometry in which the rhythm of a musicality visible to the eyes is appreciated, inaudible, only in appearance.
She draws the dancing rhythm of a musicality that manifests herself in the wise administration of color on the support of paper, canvas ... geometry that dances; a musicality that is expressed in colors. Kandinsky already talked about it when he attributed musical notes to colors. Look at the sounds, hear the color.
Since the 90s she, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has a coherent research trajectory in Geometric Art, painting, sculpture and digital diagrams, from her works of Continuous Spatial Tracing, 
Combinables to El Hilo de Ariadne. Geometry, color, rhythm and musicality are present in a creative world of lines, circles, squares, pixels ... designed by her artistic mind. Without leaving the painting, she uses the new technological means, which are fundamental in the generation of her innovative geometric artworks.
Geometry, Color and Musicality, is the conceptual key that describes the digital and pictorial geometrical work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
The lines drawn in the space reticular square, horizons that expand in cartographies of the musicality, express in the digital geometries of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES a perception of she  at different countries, continents or cities: MUSICALITY-Sweden-Madrid-South America-Berlin -NewYork-MumbaiBombay-Beiying-Europe-GreeceGrecia-Tokyo-Paris-Nepal-Brooklyn-Africa-Universe.   
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES, in 1965 she ingress and studied Professor of Drawing at the Superior Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid and Complutense University of Madrid. She lived in Madrid until 1997 and later in London, where she was a guest artist at Gasworks Studios of London, and since mid-1999 she resides in Alicante. In 2000 she returned to London to make an exhibition at Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College in London.                                                                                                                               
In 2003 ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES presented her geometry research, El hilo de Ariadna-Combinatoria, with the new technological media. Geometric art: one hundred works (200x100 cm.each) for the Art Collection of Hotel H. Amerigo, Alicante.                                                  
In her Continuous Spatial  Drawings, she, the painter ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES highlights each brushstroke in an affirmation of the energy, lines in brushstrokes of unique gesture, singular each  of the lines in the meditative trajectory  of rhythms in color gradations in the squares of her works in Geometric Art, and in the geometry compositions of she, with the new digital media, the PIXELS  constitute the structure of the lines.
Published  by Julia Saez Angulo y Dolores Gallardo en L.M.A.

Text by Viviana Rodríguez Gimeno 2015
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949 Elche) celebrates 50 years of her Pictorial work and Digital Geometric  Art. It is in 1986, when the appointments, she paints the marble sculpture of Ariadna in the Prado Museum and finds a new pictorial concept in her work. If the teachers of quantum physics, theory of everything, make hypotheses of the universe. The painter ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES discovered in the mythology of the Thread of Ariadna the point to develop in the Geometric Art and to find a full significance to her work.
The concepts that give name to the exhibition Geometry, Color and Musicality  by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES encompass the extensive work, the intense dedication and the innovative research and reflection of she in geometric art.
Each brushstroke of her has its mathematical reason and makes each line unique, of harmony in a lucid composition and combinatorial of color in turn incalculable, and Musicality, perhaps for the spectators of her geometry works, is creativethat feeling of musicality. A rhythm of vitality, eurythmy of shapes and color, which makes it possible to glimpse the whole geometric universe in equilibrium created by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES in her paintings of Continuous Space Path and digital diagrams printed on canvas Ariadne's thread -Musicality in which she shows her perception of different cities, continents, countries ... - Sweden-Beijing-Africa- Madrid-Greece-New York -Mumbai Bombay-Europe-Tokyo- Paris-Brooklyn-Nepal-Berlin-Latin America-Universe- ...GEOMETRY, COLOR and MUSICALITY is a renewal in Geometric Art.
Text by Viviana Rodríguez Gimeno 2015                                                                                  
exhibition catalog Geometría, Color y Musicalidad                          
of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Municipal Exhibition Center of ELCHE 15may-06september 2015

LA MIRADA ACTUAL enero 4, 2014
Iluminada García Torres investigates in her Digital Geometry, Mumbai Bombay. text by Julia Sáez-Angulo
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949) investigates in her Digital Geometry artworks that she denominate Mumbai Bombay, in wide view and reflection on Asia.
In fact all her work in geometric abstraction begins with the proposal that she formulated in the catalog of her exhibition Combinables in 1993, where is the origin and the mathematical reason that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has developed in the geometry digital works, Tokyo, Beijing and now Mumbai Bombay, in hers Asian contemplation. She declares that after the New York digital geometries, she became interested in Asia in concepts of musicality, color and though.
text by Julia Sáez-Angulo                                                                                                           
International Association of Art Critics, AICA

text by Lino Cabezas Gelabert (2005)
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES (Elche, Alicante, 1949) she in her recent work exhibit a long trajectory of Geometric Art with, The thread of Ariadna-combinatorial, where the results derived from one of the most important issues in history are reached of art: the search for a basic harmony and order that beats in human nature. Establishing order and proportion in art means giving an intellectual and conscious direction to a subconscious impulse.
Modern psychology defends the hypothesis that the search for order on which beauty is based is something inherent to our identity as rational beings, and in that situation our interpretation of nature is predominantly mathematical. In these circumstances, the new technologies are used by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES to make use of their lines and brushstrokes as the basic material of her artworks and as a point of reflection of it, using as a matter of creation the formal elements and conceptuals.
Einstein affirmed that there is no logical way to discover the elementary laws; according to him there is only the path of intuition. The perception of the order behind appearances, its musicality, is something that is intuited by the artist ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Consequently, her works could be conceived as structures of the harmony in mathematical lines. The paintings and digital geometry  of the work of Iluminada García-Torres is founded  on an irrefutable truth of numbers and proportions that seem to reveal  in some way the pre-established harmony.
text by Lino Cabezas Gelabert (2005) Professor at the University of Barcelona.        
La Rella Magazine Nº 18.
Anuari de l'Institut d'Estudis Comarcals del Baix Vinalopó 2005 Elx. Elche​
Texts by Laura Sanz García (2004), 
Pascual Patuel Chust (2004)
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES, (Elche, Alicante, 1949) she  has made a decided commitment to Geometric Art, developing orthogonally organized shapes and colors. Following paths opened by the geometric Kandinsky of the German Bauhaus, author of POINT AND LINE ON THE PLANO, and Dutch Neoplasticism, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES understands hers painting and hers sculpture as a mathematical system of proportions and geometric shapes.
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES achieves to formulate, in 1991, a basic reticular module of squares, where she drew the points and lines. This module will be the beginning of future experimentation in Geometric Art. 
A geometric and mathematical cosmos, that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES considers independent worlds, but participants in the totality. They are perfectly calculated according to systems of proportion in their measurements. These forms signify the concept of the full and empty. The relation between full spaces and empty spaces is dialectically dynamic, because it generates multiple variations, determined by the color, shape, number, and direction of the lines. We are, therefore, before an interactive space that generates an integrating harmony of all the geometric elements in the composition.
The thread of Ariadne, is the generic name that has adopted to denominate to her works, inspired when painting the marble sculpture of Ariadna of the Museum of the Prado, ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES 
discovered in this marble (1987) an harmony of geometric and mathematical order that went to preside over your future work. The space research has been formally complicating his proposals with a multiplication of sequences of rhythmic sequences, parallel to the world of music, pictorial geometries that she calls Continuous Spatial Tracing. From this proposal her work is incorporated into the new technologies applicable to the art of painting.
The recent works of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, geometries of infinite development thanks to the combinatorial of color and the process of the image generated by computer where the brushstroke is now structured by the pixel (picture element), dot in a rectilinear grid of points to form a geometric digital image.
With this digital process of the image, she has made the geometries of the present exhibition Música y Arte II. They constitute the beginning of a new series whose dot of expansion is musicality.
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES has been able to see and work on the aesthetic aspects offered by the graphics of the musical notation. The pentagram or tetragram constitute the linear structure where the musical "signs" are deposited, she tries to evoke the true graphia, which allows it to develop formal investigations related to Optical art and suggest virtual movements.
Text by Laura Sanz García (2004) Carlos III University of Madrid
Pascual Patuel Chust University of Valencia
Exhibition El HILO de Ariadna-utopiasinfonía, sonata y penta by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES. catalog nº 46 Música y Arte II.      
Palau de la Música of VALENCIA 2004
PIXELS (2003)
Text by Joaquín Santo Matas
Director of Alicante Institute of Culture Juan Gil-Albert
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949), she in this exhibition presents her work of Digital Geometric Art, El Hilo de Ariadna - Combinatoria, a research with new technological media. The result is innovative, rigorous and coherent that we can observe in the evolution of her work, whose genesis is in the pictorial work of teacher Antonio López García and from which she assimilated the measure and direct-gesture.
In the observation when painting in the Prado Museum the sublime marble sculpture of Ariadna, which she would see in 1984, ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES attempt her creative Thread to armonize the labyrinth of her artistic capacity.
Geometry in the plane and in the space that in something  would assimilate of the teachings that she received from the also Alicante artist, Eusebio Sempere.
The lines drawn, made in a dynamic way, of a single gesture, in relation of proportionality with space, mathematics and geometry, time and light. And the origin of Trazado Espacial Continuo Continuous Spatial Drawings has been for more than a decade in the geometry of her work Combinables.
That is why in the artworks of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES we contemplate geometries that can be multiplied infinitely thanks to the combinatorial of color and digital processes, which are possible by linking their Geometry research with the new technological advances of science computer.
She draws, from the point, original singular gestural lines in the space, in rhythmic sequences, that in this work of Digital Geometric Art, the pixels constituting of the new structure of the line.
This exhibition, belonging to the hundred works of geometry (digital printing on canvas 90x180cm each) which constitute the Amerigo Collection, can be seen in Alicante at the Hotel of the same name, where the geometries designed by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES will show us a world of harmonies fused with the Mediterranean light, where the azure and marine blue, the earth and solar ocher, and the violet tones of an alborear of the horizon prevail, which is the line from which all forms emerge.
PÍXELES, La Huella del Trazo
Text by Joaquín Santo Matas - Director of Alicante Institute of Culture Juan Gil-Albert. Catalog exhibition El Hilo de Ariadna - Combinatoria by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Centro Municipal de las Artes. Alicante 2003
text by José Manuel Alvarez Enjuto (2002)
It is not easy to respond to the arithmetic and orthogonal processes, of the poetry and sensitivity in the compositional contents in the work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES (ELCHE1949). She makes in Geometric Art an expressive formulation centered almost specifically on the research of spatial ordering through the serial multiplication of the line in progression. In the relation and the consecutive evolution with the only trace of a mediatic line in the space, or what is the same, through the drawing of a line, she manages to reach the metaphysical purpose of the creative eagerness.
The arithmetic and emotional poetry in the work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has that consubstantial truth that responds to a pristine and essential fact endowed with a metaphysical transcendence capable of altering any philosophical conjecture. Art transcending through arithmetic formulas and rhythmic spatial sequences that she describes.
Iconography where the continuous module, the coherent mathematical variation dominates the visuality, demands, at least, a reflection on the mathematical painting and the balanced spatial orders. And this inevitably leads us to the stream of Stilj, Mondrian, Rietveld authors who understood that in geometry and spatial arrangement by means of balanced flat chromatic or compositional icons, rational orders could be established in the argumentation of their proposals.
Processes in the elaboration of those gestural lines support of the works. A fact of transcendence if we understand theGeometric  Art of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES from her creativity, with the congregation of all these expressive singularities that she has in geometric poetry.
Certainly the iconography transcribed in the paintings of the artist ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES may correspond to the genuine calligraphic material of the geometric repertoire of the square reticular and the music of arithmetic in their interactions.
Composition based on the repetitive modular beauty of the line and the quadrangular geometric grid, capable of claiming expansion, limitlessness and affirmation once the gestures drawn from the mathematical variable are the agents of the resulting harmonies, We have understand a very special expressiveness in the works of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES that she gives in the accuracy of the brushstroke in the discursive process of a meditative calligraphic order.
A pristine pictorial expression, based on the measure, the gesture the compositional rhythms, the formal transition, the chromatic vibration, the metaphysical transcendence. The geometry and arithmetic as a determining reason.
text by José Manuel Alvarez Enjuto,2002
Exhibition catalog of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
30/04 - 28/05, 2002, Municipal Exhibition Lonja del Pescado. Alicante

The expansion of the painting in the cold auras 
text by Simón Marchán Fiz
ILUMINADA  GARCIA TORRES (EICHE 1949), she unravels Ariadne's Thread through an optical combinatorial impregnated by cybernetic randomness, a code expressed in lines that contrast with the unchanging presence of squares as zero grade and reference to the essentials, a great lyricism, color vibrations and harmony of balance complement each other.
text Simón Marchán Fiz(2001), Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Art, Faculty of Philosophy UNED Madrid.                 La expansión de la pintura en las auras frias text Catalog Exhibition XVII Edition Painting Prize L'OREAL. Conde Duque Cultural Center. Madrid 2001

contac (+34) 696302487 arte geométrico

1965-1970 Ingreso y Estudios de Profesorado de Dibujo en la Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid y Facultad de Bellas Artes UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE, MADRID. En el primer curso 1965 el pintor Antonio López García es el  maestro de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES y en 1969   Eusebio Sempere, año que concilió la enseñanza con la investigación en el Seminario de Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas en el Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad (Complutense) de MADRID. 

Durante los primeros 25 años, 1965-1990 realizó varias exposiciones de su obra de pintura realista, Casa de la Cultura  BADAJOZ (1976), Caja Ahorros de AVILA (1978). Galería Sorolla ELCHE (1979), TORREÓN DE LOZOYA, SEGOVIA (1985). Composiciones pictóricas de arquitectura metafísica y  dos pinturas al óleo 1986 - 1988 que realizó ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES en el MUSEO NACIONAL PRADO, MADRID de la escultura de mármol, ARIADNA dormida en Naxospinturas que expuso en la Galería Albatros, Madrid 1990.

ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES inició en 1991 su obra de ARTE GEOMÉTRICO Pictorial, Escultura y DIGITAL de la que publica en 1993 la formulación teórica, concepto matemático y geométrico, para la realización y evolución creativa de sus obras, en el catálogo de la exposición COMBINABLES, TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO en, Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo, CAM Alicante 1993. En dicha exposición presentó  sus pinturas al óleo en las que expresa cada línea en una afirmación, unidad del instante luz-línea-espacio-tiempo, líneas en pinceladas de gesto único, singulares cada una de las líneas por la trayectoria de los ritmos (ecos del latido), gradaciones de color, número y multitud de variaciones que se originan y determinan la composición pictórica en la relación de proporcionalidad con el espacio de los cuadrados que configuran la base fundamental de su obra de Arte Geométrico y en las generadas con los nuevos medios digitales, constituyen los PIXELS la estructura de las líneas. combinables.blogspot.com-1993.

Concurso Premio de Pintura L´ORÉAL en las  Ediciones de 1994-95-96-97 y 2001-02 selección de Pinturas de Arte Geométrico de 180x180cm  realizadas por ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, catálogo y exposición en el Centro Cultural Conde Duque, MADRID.  

Concurso de Pintura del Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos,Canales,Puertos de Madrid·1996 adquisición de la obra Trazado Espacial Continuo 180x180cm, (expuesta en la sede) y escultura 1997.  
Selección escultura COMBINABLES y pintura Trazado Espacial Continuo en los Premios VILLA DE MADRID de Pintura·Escultura,1997 
GEOMETRÍAS participa ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, Instituto  Alicantino Cultura Juan Gil-Albert 1996 Alicante y 1997 en Villena. 
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES residió en Madrid  hasta el verano de 1997 que trasladó su residencia a Londres, donde fue pintora invitada por Gasworks Studios, LONDON (1998-99) realiza obras de Geometric Art, digital Print on paper, acetate sculptures and paintings.  Desde mediados de 1999 hasta la actualidad vive y tiene su estudio en Alicante.  Volvió a Londres para exponer en Hortensia Art Gallery del Kensington and Chelsea College, LONDON January 2000. 
Exposición TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO-HILO DE ARIADNA 1991-2000, (5-31mayo, 2000) Centro Municipal de Exposiciones de ELCHE ELX. Exposición de escultura cerámica y pintura, Casa de Cultura de El Campello. (12 mayo- 20 junio 2001). EL HILO DE ARIADNA1991-2002 Arte Geométrico, Sala Municipal Lonja del Pescado (30-04 al 28-05 de 2002) ALICANTE
2002·simposio arte gráfico, nuevas tecnologías, Fundación BBVA, CalcografíaNacional MADRID

2003 ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES presentó en el Centro Municipal de las Artes de  ALICANTE 100 obras de geometría digital, El hilo de Ariadna-Combinatoria que realizó para la Colección de  Arte del HOTEL H. AMERIGO de ALICANTE Arte Geométrico digital, print/canvas 180x90 cm.each y  tres de 200x100cm

2004 MÚSICA y ARTE II catálogo46, Triptico geometría 285x200cm Imagen digital/lienzo 95x200 cm (each). PALAU de la MÚSICA, VALENCIA (1diciembre, 2004-16enero, 2005).
2006 Arte Digital Geométrico exposición Colegio Territorial Arquitectos Alicante CTAA(julio-septiem 2006)  

2007 Participa en CINCO PROPUESTAS DIDÁCTICA de la ABSTRACCIÓN, Museo Universidad Alicante MUA(24-01 al 28-02/2007). 
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES para SUMAGestiónTributaria de ALICANTE  realiza obras de Geometría digitalprint/papel en 50 carpetas con obras cada una de El Hilo de Ariadna-musica.


2009 ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES RETROSPECTIVA 1982-2009. Pintura Realista y ARTE GEOMÉTRICO: DIGITAL, pintura, escultura. Sala Municipal exposiciones del Castillo de Santa Bárbara, ALICANTE.(6 octubre-29 noviembre 2009). https://Retrospectiva/Iluminada-Garcia-Torres-2009  
2014  ARIADNE´S THREAD-MUSIC digital music diagrams by Iluminada García-Torres. Exposición de 20 diagramas, digital print on canvas. ATENEO Científico, Literario y Artístico de ALICANTE. (7-30 octubre, 2014) thethreadofariadne-musicality.blogspot.com  
2015  GEOMETRÍA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD diagramas digitales y pintura 1991-2015 de Iluminada García-Torres.  Exposición  de cien obras de Arte Geométrico El HILO DE ARIADNA-MUSICALIDAD impresión digital sobre lienzo y pinturas TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO, Centro Municipal Exposiciones de ELCHE (15 mayo- 6 septiembre, 2015). https://geometria/IluminadaGarciaTorres-2015
1965-1970 Ingreso y Estudios de Profesorado de Dibujo en la Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid y Facultad de Bellas Artes UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE, MADRID. En el primer curso 1965 el pintor Antonio López García es el  maestro de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES y en 1969   Eusebio Sempere, año que concilió la enseñanza con la investigación en el Seminario de Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas en el Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad (Complutense) de MADRID.